Tokyo, The Rising Sun City Tokyo is a city unlike any other! Is it a fairytale land of brave and faithful people! In the land where dawn's first light breaks the sky, Japan unfolds, a mythical island where dragons may soar. Here, tales pirouette in the space between the Amur's River embrace and China's storied edge. Cherry blossoms murmur secrets of the past, while samurai shades stand sentinel along the coast. Mount Fuji, a majestic guardian, mirrors itself in the heavens. The sea's tender caress meets the shores, lanterns casting a tender glow, and geishas in silk spin tales under the moon's tranquil gleam. Japan, an island tapestry of history, woven through forests of green and leaves of gold, stands as a storybook realm where the journey of the world commences, bathed in the eternal glow of the Rising Sun. In Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, a tapestry of honor and trust is woven into the very fabric of society, where every bow signifies respect, every act radiates integrity, and the art of reliability and moral excellence stand as tall and steadfast as Mount Fuji itself, creating a culture celebrated for its noble deeds and cherished virtues. Tokyo is a city that never sleeps! Tokyo is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends history and the future, showcasing its vibrant neon lights and serene cherry blossom gardens. Tokyo, a city reborn from war ashes, is now a beacon of peace, thriving in technology and fashion, with constant excitement. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is a bustling metropolis with a unique charm that captivates visitors from around the world. Tokyo is not only the largest city in Japan but also one of the largest cities in the world. Tokyo's vastness may be daunting, yet it opens up a world of endless exploration and discovery. Tokyo is situated on the island of Honshu, within the bay of the same name. Tokyo is a vibrant city that blends diverse cultures, rich traditions, and cutting-edge technologies. Despite being devastated by WWII fires and bombings, Tokyo rapidly rebuilt and expanded post-war. The city's urban structure remains low, but with refined architectural techniques, imposing buildings like the Sunshine Tower have been built on 60 floors. Tokyo, which has been a vital part of Japanese culture for four hundred years, continues to embrace the future with a continuous spirit. Tokyo's efficient and complex transport network, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro, transports millions of passengers daily, making it one of the busiest cities globally. Tokyo is widely regarded as the world's safest metropolis due to its low incidence of thefts, assaults, and crimes. The Tokyo metropolis, spanning 23 special districts, is the most populous area in the city, including the administrative center of Shinjuku, where the Metropolitan Government is based. Famous neighborhoods in Tokyo, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, Taito, Minato, Chuo, and Toshima, are administered as independent cities. Tokyo is a vast metropolis surrounded by numerous neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character. Districts Shinjuku district is on the western edge of central Tokyo. Shinjuku, a vibrant Tokyo district, is known for its lively atmosphere and diverse attractions. The Gracery Hotel in Shinjuku features a colossal Godzilla head. A visit to the hotel’s terrace offers a thrilling, up-close encounter with this iconic symbol of cinematic history, offering a thrilling and complimentary experience to visitors on its terrace. Ascend to the eighth floor of the Gracery Hotel to discover a mini exhibition dedicated to Godzilla. Beyond lies a terrace for a view of the iconic dinosaur's head, which comes alive with lights and sounds at 8pm. For enthusiasts, the hotel offers the unique experience of Godzilla-themed rooms. Shibuya is a vibrant, busy district in Tokyo. It is famous for its fashion, nightlife, and shopping. Shibuya is home to the famous Scramble Crossing, a pedestrian crossing that is one of the busiest in the world. Shibuya offers a dynamic mix of modernity and tradition, with highlights like the panoramic Shibuya Sky and enriching cultural tours. It’s the pulse of Tokyo’s vibrant life. The Taito area of Tokyo is a vibrant and bustling district known for its many shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Taito is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering something for everyone. The district is also home to a number of historical landmarks, making it a popular destination for history buffs. Additionally, the area is full of hidden gems that visitors can discover and explore. In Taito, the ancient Sensoji Temple stands as a testament to Tokyo’s history, while the lively Ameya-Yokocho market captures the city’s spirited commerce. Minato, also known as Minato City, a hub of international business and diplomacy in Tokyo, is known for its blend of modernity and tradition, with attractions like Roppongi Hills and Hamarikyu Gardens. Its diverse districts offer a rich cultural experience, including historic temples and contemporary art museums. It’s home to many embassies, corporate headquarters, and a variety of cultural sites. Chuo, Tokyo's central ward, blends modernity and tradition. It’s home to the upscale shopping district of Ginza, the historic Nihonbashi area, and the culinary delights of Tsukishima. Chuo is a place where you can experience the luxury of high-end boutiques, the charm of old Tokyo, and the deliciousness of monjayaki pancakes, all within a stone’s throw of each other. Whether you’re looking to shop, eat, or soak in the culture, Chuo offers a slice of Tokyo that caters to every taste. Toshima, a diverse ward in Tokyo, is known for its commercial and entertainment hub, Ikebukuro. With a population of 301,599, it covers 13.01 km2 and is home to attractions like Sunshine City, cultural festivals like Fukuro Matsuri and Otsuka Awa Odori Dance, and several universities. Toshima is a vibrant ward in Tokyo, known for its bustling hub, Ikebukuro. It’s a place of contrast, with modern shopping complexes like Sunshine City alongside traditional neighborhoods. Whether you’re exploring the anime and gaming culture of Ikebukuro or enjoying the tranquility of Mejiro’s residential streets, Toshima offers a unique slice of Tokyo life. Hint: In Tokyo, Suica and PASMO cards are rechargeable smart cards that simplify public transport payments. They're valid for 28 days for visitors and can be used on trains, buses, and even at select shops and cafes. You can easily top them up at stations, making travel around the city hassle-free. Self-catering Self-catering accommodations in Tokyo offer a unique blend of convenience and cultural immersion. They range from modern apartments with full kitchens to traditional Japanese houses called 'Machiya', providing a more authentic living experience. Visitors can enjoy the freedom to explore local markets, cook their own meals, and live like a Tokyoite. Some accommodations even provide amenities like mobile Wi-Fi devices, which can be particularly useful for navigating the city. They are cost-effective, making them ideal for solo or family vacations. Self-catering accommodations are ideal for families, offering ample space and adaptability, but it's crucial to confirm their child-friendliness with the provider beforehand. Self-catering accommodations offer the ultimate blend of privacy, cost-efficiency, and cultural authenticity, giving you the freedom to savor home-cooked meals and local flavors on your own schedule. Self-catering accommodations typically include a kitchenette, fridge, oven, utensils, and cookware, along with laundry facilities, a living room, balcony, terrace, or pool or garden. Accommodations In Japan, families can choose from a variety of accommodations to suit their preferences. Japan offers accommodation in two main styles: Western-style and Japanese-style. Modern hotels offer convenience and comfort. Western-style hotels offer all the amenities expected from international hotels, including microwaves, ironing boards, and vending machines for various beverages. Japanese-style accommodations provide traditional Ryokans with a cultural experience with tatami mattresses, traditional meals prepared by hosts, and access to private or shared hot-spring baths (onsen). Ryokans in Japan offer a range of experiences, from budget-friendly to luxurious. They typically provide meals as part of the stay. Apartment-style accommodation in Japan offers self-contained living spaces with full kitchens, dining areas, and laundry facilities. Ideal for families, these spaces provide ample room to cook, relax, and enjoy shared activities. While more common in cities and typically mid-range, they offer a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional hotel stays, with the flexibility to explore both urban and rural areas during your stay. Both types of lodging maintain high standards of hospitality, ensuring a pleasant stay regardless of choice. Whether you're traveling solo or with your family, Tokyo has a wide range of accommodations to suit your needs. We made a list to help you find the perfect Tokyo stay, customized to your individual or family needs for a memorable vacation. Oakwood Apartments Shirokane is located just across from the Japanese garden. The hotel offers 16 floors with 36 sleeping rooms each, along with studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that showcase sweeping city views. The hotel offers a secure, lush living experience surrounded by greenery, catering to those who value a secure environment. The hotel offers comfortable, modern, and cosmopolitan-style decor, perfect for individual travelers, featuring a queen-size double bed. The furnished serviced apartments, combining contemporary Western and Asian design, offer spacious floor plans ranging from 40 sqm studios to 105 sqm three bedroom apartments. Studios and apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen, living area, dining table, laundry, TV, internet access, safe, air conditioning, private balcony, and weekly housekeeping. Pets are permitted at the hotel, with a refundable pet security deposit of JPY 100,000 for dogs or cats weighing less than 16 kg, and additional out-cleaning fees of JPY 50,000 for studios, JPY 60,000 for one-bedroom apartments, and JPY 80,000 for two-bedroom/three-bedroom units. Somerset Ginza East Tokyo offers a luxurious stay in Japan's affluent neighborhood, known for its lively shopping streets, prominent department stores, mega-stores, and high-end fashion stores. Somerset Ginza East Tokyo provides 124 fully furnished, studios to one-bedroom apartments, catering to corporate and leisure travelers, with weekly housekeeping, 24-hour reception, and security. The apartments range from fully furnished studios to one-bedroom apartments, each featuring spacious living and dining areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, a home entertainment system, and high-speed internet access. The Studio apartment, spanning 24 sqm (258 sq ft), is perfect for solo travelers or couples on business or leisure trips. Featuring a stylishly furnished living area and a fully-equipped kitchen. Guests can enjoy the convenience of preparing meals in the fully-equipped kitchen, which includes a stovetop, refrigerator, kitchenware, and microwave. Additionally, this air-conditioned studio features amenities such as a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom, and a balcony overlooking a tranquil street. For those seeking more space, the Studio Deluxe apartment provides a roomy 30 sqm (323 sq ft) area with separate kitchen and living areas. Ideal for long-term guests, it boasts contemporary furnishings for both relaxation and functionality. The studio provides a private bathroom complete with a bath, shower, bidet, hairdryer, and complimentary slippers, while guests can conveniently prepare meals in the well-equipped kitchen featuring a stovetop, refrigerator, kitchenware, and microwave. The comfort of the One-Bedroom Deluxe apartment, offering modern amenities and contemporary furnishings across a spacious layout, is perfect for business or leisure travelers looking to feel right at home. This apartment offers a spacious layout comprising a living room, separate bedroom, and a bathroom with a bathtub and complimentary toiletries, while the fully-equipped kitchen allows guests to prepare meals with ease, furnished with a stovetop, refrigerator, kitchenware, and microwave. The One-Bedroom executive apartment, the largest option available at Ginza, offering two distinct floor plans to suit your preferences. This apartment boasts a comfortable living room, a separate bedroom, and a bathroom with a bathtub and complimentary toiletries, along with a well-equipped kitchen featuring a stovetop, refrigerator, kitchenware, and microwave for guests' convenience. Somerset Ginza East Tokyo offers convenient transfer and chauffeur services to and from Tokyo Narita Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, Yokohama Cruise Port, and Mount Fuji at affordable rates. Voga Corte Chidoricho rooms have a private kitchen, a seating area, and a desk. The hotel is located in a quiet residential area, close to supermarkets and convenience stores, making it a comfortable place to stay for both business and leisure travelers. The location is very convenient for sightseeing, with easy access to both Tokyo and Yokohama, an area rich in tourist attractions. Voga Corte Chidoricho is an excellent family-friendly location, offering spacious and conducive spaces. Voga Corte Chidoricho offers a comfortable apartment with a balcony, air conditioning, smoke detectors, a bidet, a bathtub, a separate toilet, dryers, towels, and slippers. Voga Corte Chidoricho in Tokyo offers a comfortable self-catering experience with a touch of sustainability. Choose from Standard or Superior Apartments, each featuring twin and full beds, futon beds, and a sofa bed. The Deluxe room offers spacious accommodation for up to 6 people, featuring 1 semi-double bed, 1 single bed, 1 sofa bed, and 2 futons, along with separate bath and toilet facilities, spanning 46 square meters. The Superior Twin room comfortably accommodates up to 3 guests, featuring one semi-double bed and one single bed, with a separate bath and toilet, covering an area of 25 square meters. In the semi double room, up to 3 guests can enjoy a cozy stay with one semi-double bed and one sofa bed, along with separate bath and toilet facilities, in a space of 25 square meters. The self-catering facilities have a fully equipped kitchen with an electric kettle, fridge, and cooktop, and the nearby Bikku restaurant is also available. The Aparthotel Hotel Shinjuku is close to Tokyo Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower. The Apartment Hotel Shinjuku, a former Japanese inn, was rebuilt in the early 1970s and renovated in 2010 to become a modern hotel. The facility's interior has been redesigned, with each guest room reimagined, while maintaining its distinctive red tiled roof exterior, fostering ongoing development and innovation. The 70s-era red roof tiles have been repurposed throughout the interior, with each room designed to enhance the guest experience. The hotel features a shop space and lounge space, accommodating various groups, including hotel and shop customers, lounge enthusiasts, and art enthusiasts attending exhibitions or live events. Enjoy 32 air-conditioned rooms with kitchenettes, complimentary wired and wireless internet access, and LCD televisions for entertainment. The kitchenette features cookware, a hot plate, and an electric kettle, with daily towel changes and room cleaning not provided during guests' stays. The mini kitchen features an IH stove and a pot for boiling water. Air-conditioned rooms feature terraces, kitchens, writing desks, and kitchenettes with refrigerators, kitchenware, and washing machines, while twin rooms have street views. Minn Kasai Tokyo is a 3-star aparthotel offering Wi-Fi, safety features, and proximity to attractions like Tokyo Skytree and Sea Life Park. Minn Kasai Tokyo, offers a tranquil retreat within the vibrant Tokyo Metropolis. Minn is a family-friendly apartment hotel designed for shared experiences, offering spacious accommodations where friends and families can gather and create lasting memories in a comfortable, communal setting. The aparthotel near Kasai Station is a gateway to Tokyo’s wonders, just a 3-minute stroll away. It’s a hub for effortless exploration, with Tokyo’s 23 wards and popular theme parks within easy reach. Each room is a sanctuary of home-like comfort, complete with a washing machine that boasts a drying function, and a kitchen arrayed with cooking essentials. The common area boasts a coin laundry, while the rooms are furnished with an assortment of tableware and cooking utensils, including everything from cups and chopsticks to pots and frying pans, complemented by a suite of appliances such as a microwave oven, electric kettle, and IH cooking heater, alongside conveniences like a refrigerator and kitchen cleaning supplies, though it’s noted that seasonings are not available. Choose from a variety of room options, ranging from standard rooms to deluxe family rooms, all equipped with amenities such as down comforters, in-room safes, blackout drapes, and iron/ironing boards. Whether you prefer a cozy studio or spacious accommodations for families, there's an option to suit your needs. This accommodation promises not just a place to stay, but a slice of Tokyo life, wrapped in convenience and coziness. Flexstay Inn Higashi Jujo offers air-conditioned, self-catering accommodation. Flexstay Inn Higashi Jujo offers carpeted rooms with a kitchenette, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Flexstay Inn Higashi Jujo offers various room options, including Economy Semi Double, Economy Double, and Standard Semi Double rooms, both smoking and non-smoking, all equipped with free Wi-Fi and accommodating up to two guests. The hotel provides laundry facilities, luggage storage, and an on-site restaurant. Imagine starting your day with a quick stop at the 7-Eleven right in front of the Flexstay Inn Higashi Jujo. You grab a coffee and some onigiri for breakfast, and you’re ready to explore Tokyo. After a day full of adventures, you have a myriad of dining options waiting for you just around the corner. From local izakayas to international cuisine, your culinary journey is just beginning. And if you ever need cash, the ATM is just a few steps away. With such conveniences at your doorstep, every day is worry-free and full of possibilities. A Shopper's Guide to Tokyo In the city’s top stores, every corner is a feast for the senses, blending impeccable service with an ambiance that whispers a story through its design. In Tokyo, travelers can enjoy diverse shopping experiences, from luxury boutiques in Ginza to trendy shops in Shibuya, vibrant markets in Asakusa, and the electronic hub of Akihabara. Department stores like Isetan and Mitsukoshi offer local and international brands, while Harajuku and Omotesando boast unique fashion boutiques. Explore Shinjuku's bustling streets and Nakano Broadway's quirky stores for additional shopping delights. Discover Tokyo's top shopping destinations with our guide, customized for travelers seeking the best shopping experiences in the city. Shibuya, the pulsating heart of Tokyo, is a shopper's paradise where trendy boutiques and cutting-edge fashion meet traditional crafts and vintage charm. Shibuya's vastness offers an endless array of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and fashion boutiques, making it a shopping paradise impossible to conquer in a day. We've carefully chosen the must-visit stores for your next journey into this bustling oasis. Budget-conscious travelers in Shibuya with its affordable shopping gems. Daiso offers a diverse array of affordable goods, while Mega Don Quijote is a treasure trove of discounted items ranging from souvenirs to everyday essentials to the fashion-forward Shibuya 109 and the globally-loved UNIQLO, ensuring a wallet-friendly yet fashionable Tokyo experience. 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