Sharm El-Sheikh the "City of Peace" First thought that comes to our mind when we think about Egypt is-history, pyramids, pharaohs,temples, ruins that stand as testament to one of the most fascinating civilizations of all time. Sharm el-Sheikh is located in Egypt, between the Gulf of the Red Sea, Aqaba and the Sinai desert peninsula, which connects the continent of Asia and Africa, where the desert meets the pristine waters of the Red Sea with golden sand. This wonderful city was built in 1968 and was a quiet fishing community, but in recent years, it has become one of Egypt‘s major port and naval base, most popular among the tourists,and a tropical paradise that is the perfect spot for any water lover and the perfect way to have a trip to Egypt where for sure you’d find some magical corners of it. Being the most famous tourist city in Sinai and it is also called "The Jewel of Sinai. Go scuba diving, check out the beaches, and maybe even take a camel ride in the Egyptian town of Sharm El Sheikh, and you must know Sharm is often crowded and don’t expect to be alone underwater! After getting off the airplane, You need an Entry Visa to enter Egypt and you can purchase it at the Airport for ony 25 US$. You also have to know there is a 14 Days Sinai Permit that you get for free from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport when you get out of the plane. With a wide range of dazzling activities that you can enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones , the atmosphere in Egypt is great all around the year. If you want to discover as much as you can then a perfect vacation should be planned for at least 7 days, but if you don’t know from where you start exploring Sharm El-Sheikh starts from Ras Mohammed Reserve, which is one of the best places to snorkel and includes thousands of species of marine life, including crustacean animals and turtles! You can not miss the safari wildlife, snorkeling to explore shipwrecks or learn about the Bedouin life and their famous hospitality. And if you love historical places, then you can visit the famous Mount Moses and St. Catherine's Monastery. After a long day wandering around the city or basking in the sun, there is nothing better than relaxing with some cold drinks. Sharm El Sheikh has many cafes where you can enjoy distinctive cocktails or luxury drinks imported from Europe. As for lovers of noisy nights, they have a lot of nightclubs that vary in the music they offer to dance as much as you like. Self-Catering Sharm is becoming more popular each year with thousands of visitors. There are many private owned apartments, studios, condos and a lot of these are rented out for self catering holidays. The best advantages to renting a self catering apartment in sharm el sheikh is that you're not tied to the hotel for lunch and dinner, giving you more freedom, independence and time to explore Sharm, but also ideal way to get familiar with the surrounding of Sharm at your own pace freedom and value for your money. Be sure you buy enough food and supplies in the beginning of your holiday, most self catering apartments do have Fridge Freezers to keep meats and vegetables fresh, but be sure to check when booking your holiday apartment. Choosing accommodation with a kitchen could be the ideal solution for you, because breakfast is an important kick-start to your morning before you head out to explore everything this relaxing city offers. Arab hospitality An Arab will always offer his guest the best food and comfort that he can afford, often denying himself in deference to his guest. Enjoying meals is a wonderful way to discover their culture. Coffee is essential to hospitality in all Middle Eastern countries. It is the traditional sign of welcome. The grace of Arab hospitality, as specifically expressed in this case through its cooking, has been developed to illustrate Arab customs in a manner easily understood by foreigners and satisfy the demands of travellers. If you love arab food, visit the restaurants with its delicious delicacies the next time you travel for business, family, or vacation. An unique dining experience that caters to all tastes, you must try this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with many seating inside and outside the Coral Restaurant, waiting for you to enjoy a perfect morning,afternoon or evening. Their mix of Italian and Asian food with lots of herbs and spices will make you come back again. A calm Oasis in Naama Bay, with British and French foods in addition to Mediterranean Sea dishes ,offers a varied menu for families with childrens, friends or groups. Dishes like seafood, salads, steaks that are claimed to be just great,creating great cocktails, the service is excellent and the atmosphere truly inviting to The Blue Fountain restaurant, a non smoking restaurant but you can feel free to smoke on the terraces outside or the cocktail bar area. The restaurant also offers oriental presentations at night. With remarkable drinks, service, atmosphere, finest Lebanese cuisine, gracious hospitality and professionalism and a great view over the Sharm main strip Fairuz Restaurant, are opening their door for you anytime. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Sharm el sheikh. The food is fresh and high quality and the prices are perfect. Lebanese cuisine is among the healthiest foods in the world, because their dishes are cooked with olive oil,and it has proven to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and strokes, also good for vegan and vegetarian people since there are a variety of dishes, they don’t use meat or any animal product to make cheese or milk. Mediterranean and Egyptian cuisines wait for you. You can share tasty grilled chicken, lamb kebabs and salads with your family, friends and spend a nice time at Boharat restaurant. The interior beautifully decorated, warm atmosphere, low prices and fabulous service is something that people highlight. Fish Market Kanzaman is one of the most expert seafood restaurants in Sharm el sheikh and has the greatest, tastiest and delicious seafood compared to egyptian standards. Kan Zaman fish market is an open space in which fish stalls display what is caught from the various types of fresh sea creatures, and visitors roam inside and choose the items they like to prepare the most delicious seafood dishes by the specialized chefs, and then eat them in the outside seats. Dishes between fried and grilled to order of calamari, shrimp, small and large fish, served with fried potatoes and rice, in addition to the option of making seafood soup. Abo ali restaurant & cafe is famous for providing Egyptian cuisine. It's a pleasant experience to taste nicely cooked sandwiches, the famous falafels and enjoy a great coffee. You will find delicious food at attractive prices in a cozy atmosphere. Amazing seafood, delicious shrimps, very tasty soup and fish. The restaurant has the most delicious food and for everyone's pocket ,the restaurant Abu Amin Fish it's not popular with travelers but it's cheap and highly recommended. One of the most famous restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, which provides flavorsome, delicious food and the best oriental Egyptian cuisine is Aswani restaurant. They have a varied menu with a wide variety of drinks. Their restaurant’s menu includes more than 60 varied dishes of salads, soups and the most delicious types of original appetizers, and offers the best types of grills and chicken. We recommend it for anybody who is willing to have a meal . Olive Restaurant is an amazing place for everyone with tasty cuisine and arabic flavours. They offer Mediterranean Sea dishes, and serve more than just delicious food, freshly baked wraps, specialty coffee and tea drinks. Restaurant is a great location ,with great service, friendly staff and cosy atmosphere, live music, outdoor seating. Chefs will prepare the most delicious foods. The restaurant offers a breakfast buffet with dozens of cold and hot dishes every morning, so it deserves to be one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh. While you are on a vacation on a self-catering option, you are on a budget and the supermarket makes self-catering holidays even cheaper and has everything a traveller could need, saving money for families with a strict budget. Supermarkets for those with a budget are a must-visit travel destination when you are far away from home because simply they stock items that people seek out on a daily basis: vegetables, spices, and condiments regularly used in cooking. Before you run to the supermarket, always check out what you have in your kitchen before making a grocery list. Don’t forget the grocery stores are different in different parts of the world. Some travelers love it,some hate shopping in Sharm el Sheikh, because they find the vendors too pushy, while others enjoy the challenge of negotiating. You have to know there are many supermarkets that are tourist traps, so it's important to shop around your resort. Sharm Elysee Super Market And Clothes it is not the world-famous Avenue Champs-Élysées from Paris, but a small store in Sharm el Sheikh with good prices and the salesmen often make you a discount. This supermarket is a great choice for those traveling to Sharm El Sheikh. Is worthing exploring and on top of it shopping experience shouldn't be missing. “Come as a guest, leave as a friend” to Tropitel Naama Bay Shop, a souvenirs shop range from $ 1 to $ 30 and their quality is required. Located in the heart of Naama Bay. In Naama Bay you will find a large number of malls with crowded shops and bazaars that invite tourists. Here you can find almost the same as in stores but at lower prices.The shop located between authentic cafes and worldwide cuisines in various restaurants right beside the wondrous coastline overlooked by steep and historic Sinai mountain cliffs, all overlooking the famous Red Sea, is a must stop shop dream destination. Warm Egyptian hospitality delivers you to an experience which is second to none. Carrefour Egypt is the leading shopping mall across the Middle East and North Africa. Carrefour has become the most dynamic, fast-moving and exciting hypermarket chain in the region providing shoppers with a variety of products and value-for-money. It still gives you a good opportunity not to have to always go to the same place. The possibility of choice is always good and makes the market more competitive. They do have a nice selection of fruits and veggies as well as spices, also they have fresh meat and fish, towels and other stuff for tourists as well as gifts. They always provide the best quality and most diverse selection of household goods at lower cost. Awlad Ragab supermarket is an Egyptian supermarket specializing in retail and considered one of the oldest leading companies in Egypt. They have unmatched offers and you will find a variety of products. The supermarket is very nice and the staff is very friendly. Low and firm prices are established for all goods, which is quite unusual for Egypt. Nearby is currency exchange and parking. If you want to buy something, it is better and more profitable for the budget to buy it here, in Ragab Sons. Awlad Ragab supermarket constantly aims to meet its customers’ expectation by which a trustworthy relationship with its customers would be tightened; in addition further expansion locally and internationally are always in high consideration. Al-Watania Supermarket values customers and families health and wellness, and it meets your needs daily from eight in the morning, until late in the evening. They have special offers on the most delicious types of fresh and halal chicken spices. The finest vegetables and fruits are very important for your health and the health of your children and they provide fresh fruits daily. Bassem Market is one of the leading Egyptian food retailers and the largest in the North Coast of Egypt. The supermarket is a family-owned business established by Dr. Nadim Milad Basheer. They meet all demanding requirements by strict control of specifications to guarantee safe, high quality products for our customers. Delivery service is available. You will find a vast superiority of superior products of local and international brands that satisfy all tastes. Drinkies alco shop - has been Egypt’s leading alcoholic beverage store and is your one stop shop to get all your favorite drinks whenever and wherever you are. You will find everything you need from beer to fine wine. If you want delivered straight to your doorstep, without leaving the comfort of your home call the Drinkies hotline 19330, or order online your choice from their products portfolio - They serve if you’re over the age of 21, so make sure to have your ID on hand when you drop by a Drinkies store. Sharm el-Sheikh is the main tourist center of the Sinai Peninsula and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Arab world, also an important diving destination in the world. Sharm El Sheikh has it all, from beaches, sun, sea, to impressive sights full of culture and history. The underwater wonders of the Red Sea - especially the waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park just south of the city - have highlighted the central "Sharm" scene, and the diving and snorkeling offered here continues to attract diving lovers every year. It is also one of the best destinations in Egypt if you just want to relax on the beach and is a great favorite for family vacations due to the excellent facilities offered. Whether you are here for the sand or for fish life, Sharm el-Sheikh is a great choice for a beach holiday after exploring the temples and tombs of the rest of the country. Egypt is the place to dive into the Pharaohs' past. If you are looking for some excitement on your holiday in Egypt,or you are a nature lover, relaxation seeker, or an adventure enthusiast then welcome to a world of unlimited rewards, because Egypt can be whatever you want it to be and Sharm El Sheikh is exactly what you’re looking for. Sharm el-Sheikh is a great choice, it is famous for diving and perfect for a beach break after exploring the temples and tombs in the rest of the country. You can find many good places to visit and enjoy. Here we have some ideas for you. Your trip cannot be complete without missing the amazing fun at the best water park you and your childrens can have in Cleo Park. Perfect for the whole family including toddlers and babies, the park is designed with Egyptian pharaohs in mind like those of the Abu Simbel Temple in Luxor and features a water playground, splash pads, lazy river, 32 water slides, restaurants, fountains, snacks, and an artificial beach with waves and more. Live an amazing experience and an unforgettable one, discover the most amazing underwater world enthusiasts with Red Sea Diving College. They are multi-award winning Red Sea Diving College and qualified divers for a high quality experience. Calm waters are suitable for diving trips for beginners and professionals of all ages. You will enjoy a paradise for a perfect diving holiday in the Red Sea, as Sharm has everything: turtles and dolphins, mantas, and discover the diverse marine life, ecosystems , stunning coral reefs and coral gardens.Getting a diving trip in Sharm El Sheikh it does not cost so much and you get extraordinary fun during your trip. With its unique natural heritage and ecological diversity, and one of the most beautiful natural areas in all Egypt , most famous diving sites in the world declared a nature reserve in 1983 ,with crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine fauna, that can witnessed in an exhilarating diving experience, the reserve, possesses thousands of diverse coral reefs, fishes and turtles that are threatened with extinction, and there are many types of marine animals as well as hundreds of other species whose ages reach 20 million years is Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve. The reservation is home to the desert fox, Nubian Ibex in the mountains, numerous mammal species, reptiles and insects. Another attraction we recommend is a cruise to Tiran Island by yacht, one of the most famous and most beautiful cruises in Sharm El Sheikh.The island is uninhabited, where you'll be able to enjoy its magnificent lagoons, reefs , a huge variety of aquatic wildlife, virgin beaches and snorkelling, accompanied by multicoloured fish species beneath the waves.Relax watching the picturesque landscapes, swimming with mask, and watching a wonderful underwater world. A trip with yacht will be with approximation for adult 370.00 Egyptian pounds ( 21 dollars or 24 euros) and for children 185.00 Egyptian pounds (10 dollars or 12 euros). The oldest monastery in the world, surrounded by high mountains of red granite, at the foothills of Mount Catherine's highest mountains in Egypt, Moses Mountain 5012 feet above sea level, Saint Catherine's Monastery is the place where God appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush, beneath the Mount of the Decalogue. Mount Sinai itself, however, has long been accepted as the site in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Monastery was named after St. Catherine (the daughter of Kistery) who was tortured to death by her father for she succeeded in converting 50 of his followers to Christianity in 307 AD. The monastery is also especially dedicated to the holy prophets Moses and Elias, who both came to this mountain, and who both spoke with Christ at the Transfiguration. There is a Library Of The Monastery located in the Southern section of the monastery, much of the fame the Monastery of Saint Catherine gained was actually due to its large library which hosts some rare Christian scripts and original books.The most famous manuscript in the library is the 4th century 'Codex Sinaiticus' - a Greek manuscript of the Bible which contains the oldest surviving complete New Testament, the manuscript retains twelve pages and some twenty-four fragments. Discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, the King Tutankhamun Museum replicating the Pharaonic antiquities, is considered among the best and most wonderful tourist attractions. The museum tells the true story of Tut king, as if you were living in the middle of events. There are fantastic and attractive carved pharaonic statues, and you can also take many pictures next to the ancient pharaonic papyrus. There is also a small chair that was discovered in the tomb and it is small in size because the king died when he was only 18 years old. The ticket is 15 dollars for adults and free entrance for childrens until 7 years old. Alf Leyla we Leyla meaning one Thousands night and night in Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most famous places for hiking. It is one of the most important attractions and is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere and it is one of the modern-style parks as it combines education, entertainment, shopping and food in one place in the open air. Designs that combine ancient Egyptian, Andalusian civilization and Arab stories and legends, such as Sinbad and Ali Baba. It has become a place that no visitor to Sharm el-Sheikh can not miss it, and thousands of tourists visit it annually. One of the most beautiful beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh with calm clear blue water and one of the most important tourist destinations is El Fanar Beach. The beach provides a lot of services to visitors not only enjoying the sun, swimming in the clear blue water and tanning, but you can also go diving to enjoy snorkeling the wonderful coral reefs and see the large and unique fish with family members and friends. If you are hungry there are restaurants near the beach where you can enjoy local food and drinks. Entrance prices to Fanar Beach $ 5 per person, and payment is accepted in both Egyptian and foreign currency, the price includes towel, beach lounger and a small bottle of water to take to the bar. Voted one of the world’s 10 most beautiful churches in 2010, the wonderful Heavenly Cathedral catches the breath of everyone who visits,with elegant architecture, it features impressive frescos and religious murals of Biblical scenes such as The Creation and The Exodus. All you have to do is dress appropriately, attend and enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful churches in Arab Egypt with your family or friends. The entrance is free and you can have unlimited photography and video. There is also a buffet attached to the church to serve food to visitors and tourists. There are also officials to explain the observations and questions from the visitors. The cathedral contains manuscripts from the Bible Manuscripts that can be read in the cathedral. You cannot leave Sharm El Sheikh without a fantastic trip with your family and friends, where you can discover the vivid coral and spectacular marine life without getting your face wet with a semi-submersible submarine. Royal seascope submarines have seats for 40-77 guests and affordable prices and a tour is approximated of 3 hours. The most beautiful thing in Sharm El-Sheikh is that you can find everything to do for all ages as you please and the whole family can enjoy the spirit of adventure and excitement in the Sharm desert and also enjoy the wonderful hills and rock formations. Combine adventure with the wonders of the desert, in one of the most exciting and popular trips and the ultimate fun activity for people of all ages in Sharm El Sheikh: the Buggy safari trip. The trip allows you to learn about the nature of the desert in Egypt, and meet the inhabitants of the desert - Bedouins. You can have a fascinating 1.5 hour off-road trip in the spectacular desert. A Buggy safari trip will leave you with a memory to share with your family and friends back home and it will be worth every penny spent! Be sure before traveling to Sharm El-Sheikh, you must already have a prepared plan. You have to take a decisive stand on the activities that you want to do and the tourist places that you want to visit, and you should browse the Internet to learn more about the beaches. We recommend that you bring clothes and casual shoes with you, so that the movement is comfortable and easy to move around, as Sharm El-Sheikh is not a big city, so hiking in it is fun. Go have fun, visit, live the most unique experiences in this charming and magical city, the city of beauty, the global city of peace as they call it, the charm of the picturesque nature of an authentic Egyptian oriental character and share with us your experience. Connect with us: BackpackGo is a product of Privacy policy Remove stored cookies Our story: aka about us Your story: who this app is for